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Conviértete en voluntario

PACS could not provide the services and support to the community without the time and effort from many of our wonderful volunteers. Here are some volunteers that we would like to recognize to highlight their tremendous contribution to PACS. 

PACS' Volunteer Honorees

Elaine Miller

Elaine was given the honor of being our volunteer of the quarter in April 2023. Joining the PACS team in July of 2021, Eliane has spent the last two years sharing her passion for food with our neighbors and teammates. She loves to cook, share recipes and does pretty much anything that involves food. We could call her our PACS Foodie! 

After retiring from her management consultant career of 30 years, Elaine wanted to find a way to support her local community. She feels that Food Insecurity is a critical issue in our area,  and she wanted to do what she could to help people who struggle with it. After doing research on local nonprofits with volunteer opportunities, Elaine found PACS. It was a perfect fit for her! 


Having worn every hat that PACS has to offer in terms of volunteer positions, Elaine can do it all! She has worked in the warehouse doing quality control, sorting and stocking shelves, and more. Recently, Elaine has been assisting more in the Daily Pantry; checking in guests and helping them find exactly what they need. She states that all of the work is hands-on and can be tangible, but the work is more than rewarding.


Since Elaine started her time with us during COVID, she has been able to experience how flexible PACS is in meeting the changing needs in the community.  Elaine told us, “It has been a very interesting time to be at PACS… the ability to scale up and meet the expanding needs during difficult economic times has been quite impressive.” She sees how PACS is ever evolving and how everyone is working hard to keep up with the growing demand of our community’s needs. 


Elaine feels inspired by the entire PACS leadership team. She is inspired by the team’s goal to serve the community the best they can. The team has the right priorities to grow PACS into a place where everyone can receive assistance and feel welcomed. She also feels that “volunteers are respected for the experiences they bring and are considered as an extension of the team.”


Elaine shares her passion for food with others to create a connection with everyone she meets. She is always willing to lend anyone a helping hand who comes in. This includes sharing her knowledge of food with our guests. We receive many items in the Daily Pantry that our neighbors might not use on a regular basis.  Elaine takes the time to share preparation tips and recipes so all of the foods they receive can be enjoyed to the fullest. Clients are very grateful for the assistance, and she feels that everyday she gains a wonderful personal connection with someone new. Being able to share her passions with others, Elaine feels a deep sense of connection with families she meets. The value of these connections drives her to continue to work hard to help PACS make an impact on the Phoenixville Community.

¡Puedes ayudar! Necesitamos y agradecemos su apoyo.

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