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What is A Simple Gesture (ASG)?


“A Simple Gesture” was started in 2011 by Jonathan Trivers in Paradise, California. Jonathan was retired and looking for a way to give back to his community. His overall goal was to provide a “simple” way to get the community involved in a food donation cycle to help feed families in need.  Their model has been replicated by over 70 chapters nationwide. The program enrolls generous donors who agree to fill green reusable bags with non-perishable food items that are collected by volunteers and distributed to local food pantries.


A Simple Gesture Green Bag Program for PACS is quite successful.  Donations are picked up in January, March, May, July, September and November. We would like to expand this program to help more people in our community during thother months of the year with the A Corporate Simple Gesture Program.

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How to Become A Corporate Simple Gesture Donor

Simply sign up (below), and we will deliver a reusable 50-gallon corrugated donation bin to your business.

Place your bin in a strategic area in your office where you and your employees can drop off items.

Getting your donations to PACS

Corporations can make arrangements to drop off, sort and stock their own donations at PACS. This would be an excellent opportunity for Employee PTO Community Service incentives.

To participate in A Corporate Simple Gesture program, complete the sign up form and PACS will get in touch with you shortly.


A Corporate Simple Gesture Signup

Thank you for signing up! You are now registered.

How the ACSG Box Helps Families Facing Food Insecurity in our Community

Place your ACSG Box in a designated area in your office.

Volunteers Packing Food

Employees can fill the Box with needed items throughout the month. (Please no expired items or glass containers.)


Employees can volunteer their time to drop the box off at PACS.


Employees will get the opportunity to help us sort and stock shelves as well as get a tour of our building.


Food from the ACSG Boxes help stock the shelves at PACS to serve our community.

If you are already contributing food to our food center, thank you for your generosity. A Corporate Simple Gesture is not intended to replace your giving, but to make it easier and more convenient for more people to give.

Corporations can choose one of three donation timeframes:
  1. Every other month throughout the year:  February, April, June, August, October, December; 

  2. Twice a year - pick two of the months listed in #1; or

  3. Once a year - pick one of the months listed in #1.


Not sure what to donate? We will provide you with access to our HOT List.

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